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  • Social-emotional learning the fun way

Authors, artists and psychologists, we use art to wrap EQ, neuroscience and psychology in powerful children’s stories, movies and games.

Our cause? Promote the importance of emotional intelligence for children, parents and teachers.

Because they lack these extraordinary life skills so much, our second objective is to help as many children – living in difficult situations – as we can.

How? With our stories, movies and games, specially designed to be used by any adult working with children.

So we created our non-profit and a social business to help as many children as possible.


All this because we saw the extraordinary results our stories, movies and games had.

Working with children living in foster homes like SOS Children’s Villages and other foster homes, but also with children from Hospice Bucharest, we helped more than 140 children. With the help of our stories, movies, games and theater shows children began the therapeutic journey of understanding their inner worlds and emotions, to be able to work with their minds with love, acceptance and curiosity.

Our books, games and movies work for any child, parent or teacher. So … if we can also help you …

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Meet our wonderful committed team

Dragoș Iulian Matei is author, entrepreneur in education, software programmer, successful writer and producer of Emotional Intelligence theater shows for kids for over 5 years.

Enthusiastic emotional intelligence learner and trainer through books, software-games, movies, board-games and sometimes live shows and events with children.

Currently working on the next-generation of software games, videos, board-games and books: quality social-emotional learning the fun way.

Because I managed to understand my childhood, I strongly believe all children deserve the same chance to a good life, no matter where they were born and who they interacted with. I strongly believe this chance comes from quality social-emotional learning.


Bianca Niță joined Dragoș 2 years later as illustrator, copywriter, video and sound editor, and together they wrote and illustrated a phenomenon-book called “Miracle in The World of Emotions” that produced therapeutic results and received amazing feedback from children, parents, teachers and psychologists, also becoming a Romanian bestseller. The book was published only in Romania, currently being translated and edited in English – to enter the international market.

I believe everything could and should be learned by games and storytelling.

Maybe games and art are the most unused resource of our times.

It is my strong belief that when we teach games to teach us, a great future unveils beneath our eyes.

Together with our top advisers, we develop the best content for our books, movies and games episodes, balancing each episode with the right information.


Without any specific order, our first adviser is Dr. Paul R. Rasmussen, Director of the Adler Child-Guidance Center at the Adler School, licensed clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience and author of “The Quest to Feel Good” (More on Dr. Paul R. Rasmussen ).


Star collaborator Frank Walton (our second adviser)


Dr. Walton has been a psychologist in private practice in Columbia, South Carolina for over 40 years.  He was Associate Director of the University of South Carolina Counseling Center from 1967 until 1974.  He is the founder and president of Adlerian Child Care Centers and Kindergartens and Community Child Care Associates.  For eighteen years Dr. Walton offered graduate courses through the South Carolina Adlerian Summer Institute in Columbia, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston.  He has been a member of the faculty of the International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes (ICASSI) since 1976.  He is known for his outreach activities through which he has helped to establish or strengthen the use of the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler in universities, schools and agencies in North America as well as in seventeen European countries, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, and Uruguay. His worked with many thousands of families and countless schools, helping children, parents, teachers, counselors and principals deal with behaviors that fall into the category of ADHD. His results in helping children diagnosed with ADHD are astonishing and it may work for your family too.


Our third adviser is Jody Johnston Pawel, world leader for over 30 years in educating parents and training facilitator for thousands of parents, educators, counselors, teachers and psychologists in the USA and worldwide, creator of the Parent’sToolshop© methodology with 100 most efficient techniques designed for the child of today. Jody is at the second generation of parenting counselors, the only one in the world with this status. (More on Jody Johnston Pawel here and here )


Our Romanian advisers:


Giorgiana Ivascu – psychotherapist experienţialist, trainer in psychotherapy expressive Adlerian, art therapy and coach Adlerian in training, with experience of 7 years in practice individual and group (psychotherapy and personal development), facilitator of workshops “stranger in the mirror”, “Who are you when you love the most?”, “Art-therapy for body-mind-soul”, “the power of metaphor” and “metaphoric integrated tools.”

Above all this, I believe in resources, the potential of myself and others and intake unique gift that each of us has brought him into this world.



I am Carmen Cuculescu and I spent the last 8 years working and practicing in parenting, training and career counselling. My greatest satisfaction is to see that I can change the world for the better one small step at a time by helping individuals and families improving their lives.

I am a trainer certified by the Romanian Labor Ministry and parenting trainer certified in PET (Parent Efficiency Training by Gordon Training International) and also a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) certified by CCE-Europe (Center for Credentialing and Education) through NBCC Romania (National Board for Certified Counselors) and member of the Association of Counselors Romania (ACROM).


Ramona Serban

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counselor, with excellent results.

My experience as a parent and as a specialist working with families, children and young adults enabled me to see that people can move mountains with the appropriate support and delicate guidance.

I made a great team with families struggling with anxiety disorder, ADHD or autistic spectrum diagnosis for their children, helping them to clearly see behind their child diagnostic labels and regain faith in their natural power to recover.

For over a decade I have also openly supported people in different painful moments: disease, divorce, miscarriage, loss, and accompanied them with total belief in their strengths and coping skills.

I believe you are doing the best with your current resources but I know there are a lot more out there and I am right here to help you find out.

I would be honored to assist you and your loved ones on your path of healing and growth in a safe and encouraging environment.